Construction Injuries

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Construction workers face some of the most dangerous working conditions in the country. As a result, construction injuries are an all-too-common occurrence.

Construction injuries include: falls from scaffolds, fires, explosions, defective or unsafe equipment, chemical leaks, electrical collisions, crane collisions, and careless behavior at the worksite.

Construction injury lawsuits are highly complex and require the skills of an attorney who specializes in the field of construction law. Frequently, there are several contractors at a job-site. In these situations, determining fault may be more challenging, since often each contractor will try to lay the blame on someone else. Accountability and responsibility is a rare thing these days especially when an insurance company is involved.

We have handled many construction injury claims. We have the resources to conduct a thorough and timely investigation of the loss. We will take the necessary steps to preserve all evidence from your incident site before the negligent contractors or insurance inspectors change the work conditions that caused your injury. It is important to seek the advice of a law firm that has the skills, experience, and resources necessary to provide you with the best possible result for your case.