McClinton vs. Virginia Mason Medical Center

Many clients who have lost loved ones due to a system error seek not only an acknowledgement of wrongdoing and compensation for a great loss, they also seek change so no other family ever should experience their preventable sorrow and loss. Imagine.

At the Lawrence Kahn Law Group, we get it. Either through a significant jury verdict which is one way to cause change or through settlement, we seek to change the world one case at a time. Conduct rewarded is conduct repeated.

Mary McClinton v. Virginia Mason Hospital was an extraordinary and humbling case. Over a decade after we required the change that CEO Gary Kaplan embraced for patient safety, the case and its legacy are still teaching lessons of community safety world-wide. To date there are over 117,000 results should you Google it.

As stated by her youngest son William, “Mom fought to help and protect people all her life. It is only fitting that she helps people in death.”