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Larry Kahn not only became my lawyer, but he also became my friend. I was approached by Larry after he heard about my accident from my parents. He told me that he wanted to help. He looked at my case in a way I never thought of looking at it. After meeting with him and his legal team I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders; the expertise they bring to the table is like nothing I have ever experienced. I never felt overwhelmed or forced into any decisions I wasn’t comfortable with. Throughout the entire process Larry had my best interests in mind. He far exceeded all of my expectations. He wasn’t just there for me during my case but after as well. Thank you for everything, I wouldn’t be where I am today if you hadn’t stepped into my life.

Larry Kahn is the bulldog you want in your corner! — Chad Surdi

In the beginning, I found an attorney through the Yellow Pages and he was okay.  When my case appeared too complicated for him, he associated Larry Kahn.

As soon as Larry’s office took over I was put at ease with Larry’s expertise and knowledge.  My case began to move along quickly and in the end Larry was able to obtain a result for me that was more than acceptable.

Larry was always available for my phone calls, even giving me his cell phone, which was really important to me.  Larry and his staff kept me fully informed throughout the duration of my case and were always able to keep me updated with what was going on.

I really enjoyed working with Larry on a professional and personal level and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Larry to my family and close friends. — Shane Smith

I was so impressed by Lawrence Kahn’s legal expertise which was obvious by his seamless navigation of the issues, his professionalism, and his efficient, calm, and courteous manner. He answered questions, returned phone calls promptly, and throughout the entire process, I felt like I was always his priority. I really appreciated the work, time, and effort that he afforded my case. His kind words and effort were greatly valued. I would highly recommend Lawrence Kahn to any other person requiring his expertise. — Joann Wadge

One day life is great and couldn’t be better. The next day, tragedy befalls and pandemonium ensues (April 29, 2002). Being victimized and permanently disabled by a drunk driver is the hardest “life circumstance” I’ve ever had to deal with. Not knowing what comes next, whether I’d walk again, or just being in an utter state of emotional, spiritual, physical and medical confusion is more than enough to deal with, let alone the worries of pending court proceedings, criminal and civil lawsuits, disability arrangements with my employer and government agencies.

I am eternally grateful that Larry Kahn came into my life when he did. Being someone who didn’t already have previous knowledge how I could lawfully protect myself and file proceedings for criminal and civil retribution, it became inherent that I find someone to help me with these matters. Although my family had spoken to a number of law firms, there was only one person recommended by a friend who actually came directly to me as I lay motionless in the hospital to help us understand what I was up against.

Larry not only explained what needed to be done, but he also provided emotional support and a plethora of informational guidance to me and my family. He helped make the entire process understandable and easy for the family while ensuring that all background work was seamlessly completed as needed for investigations and court filings. In this special case, Larry and his law firm were especially kind and compassionate toward my needs. We knew insurance settlements were not going to be enough to cover damages and ongoing medical care for me. To this day, I still keep in touch with Larry, not just for legal advice but also as friends. Although tragedy befell me, I am extremely blessed to have recovered so well and to have found an advisor and friend such as Larry.

I highly recommend Larry and his staff if you need help, legal guidance and support in handling your personal injury case. There’s no one better at what he does. — Andrew J Fonseca

The Lawrence Kahn Law Group represented me in my difficult personal injury case. Larry and his staff are great!!! They always work hard on your case but never too hard to show they are concerned for your well being. They will make sure you are treated fairly by the insurance companies. I could not have asked for a better attorney. He’s an attorney with a heart! He has a great team who will get the job done. You won’t find better! — Melody Richardson

Larry Kahn has been my attorney for the last 5 years and has represented me in two separate personal injury cases. Both cases were extremely stressful times for me. His vast wealth of knowledge, law and of insurance companies made the process very easy and comforting to me.

The office staff also was always respectful and timely. Larry always made himself available to me when I had a question about my case. Above all, Larry settled my cases procuring for me all the money due to me as a result of a third party negligence.

I highly recommend Larry Kahn to anyone who seeks a knowledgeable and compassionate person and an effective advocate who cares about his clients’ well being. — Tina LeDoux

Larry was frank and honest in our initial consultation. He was a total professional in handling our case and in presentations to the court and in making certain we understood the process and our position. Litigation is not a picnic, but if it is a necessity, Larry Kahn is the seasoned legal counsel you need and want. — Tom and Susan Wegmann

Larry approaches situations with a “can do” attitude. He is fierce to his opponents, his professionalism is unsurpassed. Larry is gentle, caring and protective of his clients. In our families difficult time it was comforting knowing that Larry was there for us, he did a wonderful job for our family. We feel he is the best attorney out there. — Ginny Miller & family

I am writing you this letter to thank you for the excellent way you handled my case. The roadblocks that came your way were many. Each time they came up you would work through them in our favor. You did not let up at all in four years. I just wanted to put into words and thank you again for all the hard work you did. I would recommend you to anyone. — Al Spencer

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